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We email you the payment request, please complete your payment (remember to check your junk box)


We are applying the serial number for you, will take up to 12 hours


We email you the product , and you can see it in your account too, (remember to check your junk box)

Payment & Delivery

Q: How can I pay for it ?
A: After you place the order online, we will email your the payment request in 12 hours (please check your email junk-box in case), you can pay with Paypal , Bank transfer , Visa and Western Union

Q: How can I get the copy of the software?
A: We will email you the products in 12 hours after you complete the payment (please check your email junk-box);

Or you can also login to your account to see your order details after 12 hours !

Product Question

Q: Is the photoshop CS6 extended a full edition for lifetime use or Monthly subscribtion?

A:The Photoshop CS6 extended is full edition for lifetime use.

Q: How many computers can I use this product for ?

A: One photoshop serial number is only for one computer.

Q: Can I reinstall the photosho CS6 extended on the same computer ?

A: Yes, you can reinstall it on the same computer for any times.

Q: Will the photoshop CS6 extended allow for adobe updates?

A: Yes, you can get the adobe update lifetime long.

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